Responders First®

A collaboration between the IAFF Financial Corporation and Security Benefit Life Insurance Company to provide fire fighters and their households supplemental lifetime income

The Challenges of Retirement for Fire fighters

Do you and your spouse have enough income to cover all of your expenses and do everything you want to do in a retirement that is likely to last 25, 30, 40 plus years?
Consider some common retirement challenges for many fire fighters…

Income Stream.

Many fire fighters are not eligible for Social Security. And most spouses won't have a pension. Is your monthly income enough to last through retirement? Having a solid back-up plan is a smart strategy.

Retirement Gap.

Consider the years between a retirement in your early to mid-fifties and the time you are eligible for Medicare... do you have plans to bridge that gap to cover emergencies and unexpected expenses?

icon-cost-of-living Cost-of-living.

Few, or perhaps no, cost-of-living adjustments can impact your pension amount. This should be a consideration for a decades long retirement.

Market Performance.

The markets are unpredictable. Poor performance right before or right at retirement can impact your nest egg.

The Responders First Program

Thinking about retiring and considering your financial situation doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. For many retirees, an income plan that will supplement your retirement income stream is entirely possible. The Responders First program
provides a solution that addresses these challenges.

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This product is not available in New York.