A Supplemental Lifetime Income Solution
A Supplemental Lifetime Income Solution

The Responders First Program – offering Supplemental Lifetime Income for fire fighters and their spouses

The retirement challenges that fire fighters face may be different than the rest of the general population, so you need a different solution – supplemental lifetime income generated from a fixed indexed annuity.

That’s why we’ve developed the Responders First Program – to help our fire fighters find a solution that can provide regular income for them and their spouses that is guaranteed to last their lifetimes.


Responders First is a supplemental lifetime income program offered through the Security Benefit Foundations Annuity, a fixed indexed annuity issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company.


One of the benefits of a fixed indexed annuity is that you cannot lose money if the equity market goes down, taking market uncertainty out of the equation. You can also add the Foundations Annuity Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (Lifetime Income Rider) that can generate supplemental retirement income for both you and your spouse.


This annuity also provides the opportunity to choose a fixed interest rate or you can also choose from among the index interest option. With the index interest options, you could earn an interest rate based in part on the performance of an index. This gives you the potential to receive more interest when the market goes up, but there is no risk of your annuity value declining if the index goes down.

  • First-Year Bonus
  • Flexible Interest Options
  • Supplemental Lifetime Income

You insure your life, your health, your home – why not your financial security?

The Security Benefit Foundations Annuity, a fixed indexed annuity issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company, can be a sensible part of your income plan and help build a solid foundation for your retirement. With the Foundations Annuity, you can secure a part of your retirement savings and create a supplemental income stream that is guaranteed for the rest of your life.

The lifetime income solution mentioned in the Base Product Brochure (link below) is available through the Foundations Annuity optional Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Lifetime Income Rider (Lifetime Income Rider Brochure link below). These brochures highlight the features and guarantees of the Security Benefit Foundations Annuity and the optional Lifetime Income Rider. They should be read and given careful consideration before purchasing the Foundations Annuity and the Lifetime Income Rider.

For more specific information, see your annuity contract.

Base Product Brochure (PDF)
Lifetime Income Rider Brochure (PDF)

See how it works!

Find out how the Responders First Supplemental Lifetime Income through Foundations Annuity can work for you. Simply input your numbers and get immediate results of what your retirement income picture could look like.

Responders First Calculator

Current Rates

EFFECTIVE May 20, 2019

Rate sheet (PDF) 

Use the link above to see current rates for the Foundations Fixed Indexed Annuity for the Responders First program.

Here you will find forms that are associated with the Foundations annuity. Your financial representative should always go over forms with you.

For help on filling out the forms, please view the instructions below.


Account Value Transfer Request

Please complete all sections. Use this form to allocate Account Value among the Fixed Account and Index Accounts. To make changes to the contract owner's allocations, this form must be received within 21 days after his/her Contract Anniversary date for the changes to take effect.

Lifetime Income Election

The contract owner must complete the applicable sections of this form to begin receiving payments under the Income Rider of his/her contract.


For annuitizing your contract, designating Annuity Life and Non-Life options and Secondary Payee information. Select your investment basis, method and frequency of the payout, and tax withholding information.

Non-Financial Change

(Name, Address, Beneficiary, etc.) For changing the name and/or address of the existing Annuitant/Participant, Beneficiary(ies), Owner, or Joint Owner of the Contract.

Electronic Bank Information

For establishing the privilege to have payments made from your Security Benefit Contract directly to your Bank Account. This form works similar to the Electronic Funds Transfer form, it enables you to transfer funds electronically.

  • Minimum subsequent purchase payment amount is $1,000 per additional purchase.

Proof of Death

For selecting how to handle proceeds, applying to receive payments electronically via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), and selecting Federal income tax options. Note: Every beneficiary is required to complete his or her own form in the case of a death benefit.

Electronic Transfer Authorization

For establishing the privilege to make changes to your contract via telephone.

Required Minimum Distribution

To add or change Required Minimum Distribution options, contact your Advisor or our Service Center (800.888.2461) to request a form.

Incoming Funds Request

For transferring assets from your Current Carrier to a Security Benefit Annuity Contract.

Scheduled Systematic Withdrawals

To add or change Scheduled Systematic Withdrawal options, contact your Advisor or our Service Center (800.888.2461) to request a form.

Internal Exchange Statement and Agreement

For transferring assets internally from one Security Benefit Contract type to another Security Benefit product. For example, transfer assets from your 403(b) TSA to your 401(k) Account. Please read Transfer Procedures carefully

These forms are formatted in Adobe Acrobat. To view and print these forms, you will need the Adobe Acrobat “plug-in” for your browser. You may experience difficulties if you do not have the latest version installed on your computer. The Icon below will take you to the Adobe Acrobat site where you can download the “plug-in” free of charge.

Get Acrobat® Reader

Form Completion Instructions

Please review these instructions prior to completing any of the forms online. The majority of our forms are designed in a fillable format so you may enter the required information online.

  • Select the form you wish to complete.
  • Enter the information into the fillable fields.
  • Save the form in a desired location on your computer.
  • Print a copy of the form.
  • Make sure you obtain all applicable signatures.
  • Return the form to Security Benefit for processing. You may mail or fax the form.

Security Benefit
P.O. Box 750497
Topeka, KS 66675-0497

Fax to: 785.386.1772

If you experience problems and need assistance, please call our Service Center at 800.888.2461.

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The Security Benefit Foundations Annuity, form 5800 (11-10) and ICC10 5800 (11-10), a flexible purchase payment deferred fixed indexed annuity, and the Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Rider, form 5821 (5-11) and ICC11 5821 (5-11), an optional rider for which a charge applies, are issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company. Product features, limitations and availability may vary by state.  Please refer to the annuity contract and GLWB Rider for additional explanation of the product and any charges or limitations.

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